Viewing MoonGorillas

MoonGorillas exists on Polygon, a relatively eco-friendly PoS blockchain compared to Ethereum.

To view your MoonGorillas, you'll need to add Polygon to your Metamask.

Configuring Polygon Network

1) Go to 'Settings' in your Metamask extension

2) Head to 'Networks' and 'Add a network'.

3) Enter the following parameters for Polygon:

4) After saving the changes, you'll be brought to the Polygon network.

5) You can switch between networks by clicking this drop down menu.

Viewing your MoonGorillas

You will be able to see your MoonGorilla and its AR effects on

Next, select "LOGIN" and sign the prompt by Metamask.

Once you're logged in, you will be able to see all of your MoonGorillas

To see the AR effects, click on either the Instagram icon or the Facebook icon. Scan the QR code and it'd bring you to the respective app. Once Instagram or Facebook is loaded, scan the image of your MoonGorilla.

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