Offset your carbon footprint

This page contains the guide to offset your carbon footprint.

To offset your carbon footprint, you'll need to first purchase the amount of pCO2 you'd like to offset on (Uniswap or Balancer).

Each pCO2 represents 1kg of CO2e

Once you have obtained the number of pCO2 you'd wish to offset, you may retire it on

Head on to

On the offset page above, you can see the amount of different pCO2 that's available in your wallet.

Enter the amount that you wish to offset in the input box and click 'RETIRE'

If this is your first time retiring pCO2, you will first need to approve your pCO2 to be used by the contract. Confirm the approval transaction on the Metamask dialogue. Confirm the retirement transaction on the Metamask dialogue.

Once the transaction goes through, your amount of pCO2 is now pending retirement on's contract. will process all pending retirement in a certain time period cycle. This is done by retiring the corresponding carbon credits on's Verra carbon reserve account and burning the pCO2 token.

No user transaction is needed from this point onwards.

After all the pending retirements are processed, your wallet status on the dashboard would be updated.

Congratulations! You have now made your first carbon offset on the blockchain!

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