Bridging PERL

This guide walks you through how to bridge PERL across Ethereum and BSC and providing liquidity to the bridge.

There are 2 ways in bridging PERL

Though Binance: 1) Deposit your PERL to Binance 2) Withdraw PERL to destination chain
Through Celer cBridge (DEX): 1) Navigate to 2) Connect your wallet 3) In the 'Transfer' tab, select between 'Ethereum Network' & 'BNB Chain' in the 'To' and 'From' field. 4) Select PERL 5) Enter the amount then click 'Transfer'

Contribute to the community by providing liquidity to the bridge!

cBridge requires user to provide liquidity to enable smooth bridging experience. Liquidity providers also earn a portion of bridging fee We have seeded the cBridge with 3,600,000 PERL in total, split evenly in both BSC and Ethereum.
1) Navigate to 2) Connect your wallet 3) In the list of token, select PERL
4) Click on the '+' button, on the prompt, enter the amount to add 5) Click 'Add liquidity', approve the transaction and you're done
Last modified 1yr ago