Bridging PERL

This guide walks you through how to bridge PERL across Ethereum and Polygon.

Go to:

Connect wallet

Click on the asset type button

On “Select Token on Ethereum”, click on the gear icon on the bottom right

Select “Custom Token”, paste PERL’s Ethereum contract address in the “Add by token address” bar 0xeca82185adce47f39c684352b0439f030f860318

The addresses should be the same as below

Ethereum Address: 0xeca82185adce47f39c684352b0439f030f860318

Polygon POS Address: 0xb121fcd122daaa153bb8a102754127b2682645cb

Project Name: Perlin

Ticker Name: PERL

Token Decimal: 18

Click “Add PERL token”

Select “PERL (Polygon POS)” and click the + button on the bottom right corner

Click the x button on this window and you should be able to see your PERL tokens in the list

Select “PERL” and enter the amount of tokens you’d wish to bridge over to Polygon.

Make sure “Polygon POS” is selected in the “Transfer to” selection

Click “Bridge PERL to Polygon POS” and confirm the transaction.

Bridging would take ~20 minutes to complete.

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