Tokenized carbon credit on PERL.eco

What is pCO2?

Not all carbon credits are the same. Carbon credits from different carbon reduction projects might have different prices. That is why there are multiple variants of pCO2.

On PERL.eco, you can view the properties of different carbon credits. These different attributes include Verra ID, carbon origin country, vintage, emission reduction method, and more.

All pCO2 are named with its Verra ID as postfix, eg. pCO2_v1052 would be tokenized carbon credits backed by credits from carbon project with Verra ID 1052. The information of the carbon project can be found on Verra registry or PERL.eco transparency page.

In the future, we will split all pCO2 into 2 parts. Base token & Premium factor token. Base tokens are the common part of all different pCO2 across PERL.eco. Premium factor tokens are the premium of each different carbon credit.

Base tokens will be combined to enable deep liquidity across the platform.

Each pCO2 represents 1kg of carbon credit.

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